Are you looking to gain up to 15% return pa in these highly volatile times of the Global Financial Crisis? Art is a highly stable financial investment option as Art investments aren’t affected by the daily, monthly and annual global financial recoils and negative impact - as are stocks and shares.

Many people have failed to recognise Art is an investment opportunity with some investors believing that in the last 50 years, Art has outperformed the S & P 500 stock index.  By investing in leading original Art rather than reproduction Art, this ensures long term value and an increase in capital appreciation of Art as a long term investment.

Art helps individuals and businesses to build prestige, as it is displayed prominently for others to see and admire, reflecting discerning individual taste and pre-eminence . Artworks can also be rented or leased to others.

Why does Art value increase over time?

By investing in mosaic Art you are ensured that you are part of an exclusive group of private collectors whom only buy original or limited edition original Artworks. You are ensured that these pieces won’t be replicated on the mass market and you are ensured of their exclusivity.

As the Artworks provide innovative Modern Design you are ensured that the work is always leading edge and innovative, ensuring your collection will be enhanced. These leading Artworks have been commended in local magazines and published internationally.

A Melbourne collector stated I didn’t realise when purchasing my Mosaic Artwork how a vibrant piece of Artwork could be so visually empowering and integral to make me feel so good when I see it at the start of my day. When my Interstate visitors come over they rave on and on about how great it is”.

With only a handful of Australian Artists being chosen to learn the Art of Mosaics  you are ensured that the works are not only visually appealing but also have been made with the highest international technical expertise with ancient and modern ‘recipes’ that will keep in their original condition for future generations - in future centuries to come.

By creating Artworks of Original Design you are ensured that you have collected an Artwork that is a piece of Modern Contempory Art in the Mosaic Medium that few other Artists could even try to recreate...  

An example of this is Antoni Gaudi’s International Art and Mosaic city scapes that are internationally acclaimed – no other modern Artist could imagine how to recreate these works, and the Artworks are still relevant to today’s postmodern society as serious early Modern Art. Gaudi’s Sagreda Family Cathedral is still being constructed to his original design.

Few Artists can combine the integrity of original design, original material selection and technical expertise to create an Artwork that displays visual harmony combining different materials. As each piece is meticulously hand created to keep the essence of the design, each tesserae is then hand sorted, cut and placed to create real ‘value’ in the Artwork, rather than some easily mass produced piece of Artwork.

By investing in a premium piece of Artwork today - you are empowered to personalise your private or business space in a way that few others can – and also can be assured that your legacy will pass on to future generations with greater value - as these prestigious Modern Artworks will never be recreated again and will become a rare commodity for future generations.

Serious Artworks begin at the starting investment price of AU $20K – $150K add an important piece of Modern Art to your investment collection today. To add a piece to your collection please enquire using the contact details below.

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